If you use the Mijngezondheid.net(MGN) recipe service, this can easily be linked to your care portal. If you use another recipe service, please refer to a URL or PDF.

Mijngezondheid.net is a product of PharmaPartners and is a secure, personal online care file for your patients. Both Pharmacon pharmacists and Medicom GPs can offer this individually or jointly. If you use MGN, this can easily be linked to your new care portal.

Do you already have your own website? No problem. You can transfer your data directly to your new care portal.

The content of your current website can be easily transferred. You can copy and paste this yourself. We can also provide this for you.

Both security and privacy are important for sensitive information on a healthcare website. All Umenz healthcare portals are SSL certified, which means that a secure connection between the web server and the browser is always established. As a result, all information on the portal, both front and back, is protected.

If you use the Mijngezondheid.net (MGN) appointment module, it can easily be integrated with your healthcare website. Are you using another appointment module? You can include a link that directs the visitor directly to this module

You can define your own look & feel for the care portal. Think of color, images, logos, fonts and eventually the order of content elements. Also any content block may or may not be displayed.

You can continue to use your own domain name. We will be happy to explain this during a conversation.

As a healthcare provider you can keep your own email address. These can be linked to your healthcare website. As a result, all messages from the website will be delivered to your email address.

If you work with a healthcare center, healthcare group, group practice or pharmacist group, and if you want to add more healthcare providers to your healthcare portal then is possible. There is no limitation on the number of healthcare providers you want to add. You can also categorize the types of healthcare providers by location and by type of care.

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